Thursday, 31 May 2007

Carbon Bar

Old Quebec Street,
Marble Arch,
(020) 7479 5050

Looking for somewhere new to try out, Checkout this new bar, called Carbon.
It is one of our favorites and its our 1st bar featured on HotBabesOnAMission 'Hot Bars' list. This joint has only been opened for a month now and it is already buzzing with an ultra cool crowd. There is a live DJ on set on most nights playing the likes of funky house music. It also has a projector showing a variation of movies, from old western movies to sports. The venue has 2 levels, which includes a mezzanine champagne bar which hangs suspended over the lower ground floor. Opposite the mezzanine floor is the DJ booth suspended over the ground floor bar. The interior is dark and appears to look like a wine cellar with huge wine barrels and chains hanging from floor to ceiling, creating a VIP area. Concrete flooring and solid wooden stools. Try a long list of cocktails including non alcoholic ones, and bar snacks to choose from. Carbon has a 1am license and is open daily from 4pm til 1am...



Came across a really talent artist called Lagbaja. The best way I can describe this Nigerian musician voice is like that of Fela. If you like Fela you will be in for a treat with Lagbaja style of music.

He always wear a mask on stage to hide his identity. I personally think this is a clever move, keeps your personal life separate from work.
Generally Lagbaja's music blends jazz, afrobeat, highlife, juju, funk and traditional Yoruba music, with the use of guitars and keyboards along with traditional Nigerian instruments. The music can be purely instrumental but has a couple of songs with lyrics, which combines of Yoruba and English, spoken commonly in the western part of Nigeria.
His lyrics focus on issues relating to democracy and fairness in society, which again we have grown to know Fela's music for.

This artist is really talented, have a look at his website, I was particularly impressed with the comic book illustrations done by Artist Ganiyy Ibrahim, called Irin Aja.
Our favorite track at the moment is Skentele, we've got it on repeat at work at the moment....