Friday, 7 September 2007

Something for the Weekend, Part II - Tights

Tights!!! Currently the hot hot hot way to stand out from the crowd. Thankfully you cannot will not and should not be missed with the mass-market array of bold head turning tights out there at the moment.

Tights in every variation and textured, paired off with equally exquisite footwear will give you the look everyone is going for.

From eye-popping neon colours to earthy and swampy colours, there's something for every fashionista. This look is best for those eager to turn heads and stop the traffic.
Hot, Style tip for the week
Pair of tights of your choice with a nice baby doll dress, add a pair of killer hills, preferably matching your tights...Very Chic!

Have fun guys with online shopping @ and

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Olu Maintain - 2nd Chance/ Ft Kani

Mr. Olu Maintain Nigerian music talent is responsible for the anthem of this summer 'Yahoozee'. His Track has been leading the radio charts for several weeks now and I have to say we are not sick of him yet, so come on, Yahoo, oh oh, Yahoozee...

Actually saw him Olu perform brilliantly to Yahoozee this summer at a wedding and have to say he was absolutely fantastic.

But its not all about yahoozee, our favorite track off the album and we hope will be the follow up track to the summer hit, off his album Maintain Reloaded, is a personal favorite of ours, track 2 called '2nd Chance'. Featuring Kani, we can't get enough of this track and we demand radio djs to pick up on this one, cause the artist done a good job on this track also.

Next thing now is for Mr Olu to produce music videos hat will accompany these track.
It has come to our knowledge that, Olu Maintain, has signed a three-year contract with Kennis music. Gr8 Job. we look forward to your feature albums
best of luck
Hot babes..

Top 3 tacks
  1. 2nd Chance/ ft Kani
  2. Phoneversation
  3. Yahoozee

Halle (8x)
Eti ri mi otojo meta, ope foluwa moti pada o (2x)
Many many many say
Many say
Many many many say
Olu don retire
Olu no de come back
Won ni does it really matter if i sing yahoozee
Won does it really mater if i san fatima
Won ni does it really matter if i found a wifey
Ogbeni o korin moNa u make me still dey 2day baba i am shouting halle (2x)

Halle halle halle ee
Halleluyahhhhhhhhh (2x)
Becoz we day go high (4x)
Till we reach d sky.

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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Viva La 'ot Glam!

This year's prize for the hottest eyeshadows must go to M.A.C! This year's collection includes Flashtronics, Rushmetal, Painterly, In 3D, and last but not least HotBabes personal favourite C-Shock. Colours are rich, exotic, orgasmic....ooh la la!
Skin is is sexy and futuristic with Flashtronics, "Colour and light fused to perfection".

Lips are luscious and kissable in 3D dimension, "Innovative combo-blend of extreme pearl and multi-reflective shine".

Eyes are the ultimate wow factorain with Painterly! "Incredible colour, texture and longwear finish of new Paint Pot Eyeshadow".

Feel the rush with with M.A.C.'s incredible Rushmetal lipstick, "The Alchemy of gold transormed as eight new Pigments radiate the power of thos key element".

Top on HotBabes must have are C Shock! This is not for the faint hearted. This is for the bold and brazen! "A collection of high-energy, shade powerful Lipsticks, Lipgelees and Eye Shadows! If colour is your thing, don't be shy...C Shock it!"

Something for the Weekend....

Colours, Its all about Colours, We tell Thee...
The high streets have gone all 'United Colors' on us!

Bring some colour into you wardrobe this autumn, 'monochromatic' is the word. Purple which is one of our favorite colours, appears to be amassive hit this season but it doesn't just stop there, nah ah, we have the red/pinks, the Turquoise/Blues and also the Yellow/Orange

We know a girl's gonna look fab in these, but if these colours are not to your taste the Greys, Khakis and Browns are other hot alternatives.

Take it right down to your tights and shoes check out these fabulous pair of Satin-and-patent-leather shoes, by Christian Louboutin.

Check out what our celebrity girlfriends are wearing these days, some might say too bold but if they can pull off these colours why can't we??? i mean there are a whole range of different skin tones out there we can compare ourselves with and blessed are they for their many many many many mistakes which we shall not repeat. Oh Ooooh!

We already know belts are going to be big for autumn 07, so why not pick up a belted purple dress? 2 in one combo and you are well and truly sorted...