Friday, 30 November 2007

Support CatWalk the World - Fashion for Food

Congratulations to 'CatWalk the World' who won an award in Paris at the 21st annual World Quality Commitment Awards in the Humanitarian Category. An international campaign created by Mr Femi Amure (United Nations World Food Programme), Mr Matthew Mensah (CEO of CatWALK the World) and Mr Obaro Ibru (Chairman of CatWALK the World), with a mission to raise Funds and Awareness for Stop Child Hunger through high profile fashion shows around the world with the biggest and most respected designers and entertainment artists.

The team was recently in London to participate in the Kulture2Couture show in the grand Victoria & Albert Museum. The workshops held across two days, explaining 'how the global fascination in fashion and design can be harnessed to raise awareness and funds for the humanitarian initiatives aimed at alleviating hunger' were inspirational and very well received.

Please show your support and help to make a difference by donating on UN WFPs website or Please note, CatWalk the World organise the Campaigns but do not accept any donations directly. ALL donations have to go to UN WFP directly and during events any one interested can donate to the UN WFP staff who will give you a receipt.

December 2007: CatWALK THE WORLD will Partner with Mozambique Fashion week for an Awareness programme
March 2008: CatWALK THE WORLD will be hosting a Charity event in Los Angeles. Future shows will be held in Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe among many others.

For more information on the catWalk the World - Fashion for Food Campaign, please visit where you can view videos and pictures of recent shows.

[We have to drop a line on the K2C show itself. It was absolutely incredible, and continues to improve year by year demanding and capturing the respect and recognition it deserves from the fashion industry.]