Tuesday, 25 March 2008

lizz Wright

Right, this week we are loving the sultry voice of, 28-year-old Jazz vocalist Ms Lizz Wright, on her current album, 'The Orchard', she decided it was time to return to her roots, capture the simplicity of the blues and gospel music she heard whistle growing up as the daughter of a minister, in the rural town of Hahira, Ga, where she sang in church there with her two siblings.

Her first two albums, "Salt" (2003) and "Dreaming Wide Awake" (2005), were hits on Billboard's contemporary jazz chart.

This current album has a variety of producers including Craig Street, who has worked with Cassandra Wilson and k.d. lang, musician Toshi Reagon, and guitarist and longtime Bob Dylan sideman Larry Campbell. It look lizz two years to work on "The Orchard" album and we have to say her work is one to look out for


Monday, 17 March 2008

Table Topic

This is one of the most fun things we came across a great way to start conversations! Table Topics was created to bring better conversations to the table, instead of just going over old topics over and over again. These fun, thought-provoking questions jump start entertaining conversations at dinner and cocktail parties, family dinner, a night out with girlfriends, between couples, or in the car with your kids. You sure find a matching set for yourself.

Different topics include

Girls Night Out
Book Club

Each clever card poses a different question, from the super fun to the never-thought-about-that-before serious. Appropriate for all ages, although especially created for adults to enjoy with friends over a glass of wine or to enjoy dinner parties.

TableTopics is the nervous host's best friend. Intriguing, funny, and enlightening, this set of conversation starting questions is guaranteed to entertain in even the most awkward situations, and will get your dinner table conversation flowing.
i) What historical sporting event would you like to witness?
ii) If you could have any view from your back porch, what would it be?
iii) What's the perfect age?
iv) Which other culture would you choose to be born into?

You already know how easy it is to have fun with the girls on a girls night out. Now make the experience even more memorable using these conversation starters for women. Girls night out questions range from hilarious to thought-provoking, guaranteeing an entertaining evening for everyone. You never know what you’ll find out about your closest friends!
i) If you had to gain 10 pounds what would you eat to gain the weight?
ii) What would the "perfect" man be like?
iii) What was the worst hairstyle you ever had?
iv) What's your favorite chick flick?


Whether you've recently begun dating someone new, are engaged to your best friend or celebrating your 50th anniversary with the love of your life, these thought-provoking, engaging and entertaining couples conversation starters will challenge and inspire you. Learn something new about your partner and even yourself!
i) What possession of your partner's would you like to throw away?
ii) Is it your similarities or your differences that attract you to each other?
iii) How much money do you need in the bank to feel secure?
iv) Is sexual quality or quantity more important to you?


Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Sprinkles Cup cakes!

Look what we found!

Have you ever heard off Sprinkles Cupcakes? Its coming soon to London, we hear, we just hope its not a rumour, I mean how cruel will that be?!?

Sprinkles is One of Oprah's faves!! Owned by Charles and Candace

Apparently a producer from Oprah Winfrey Show, asked if the Beverly Hills shop could deliver 300 designer cupcakes to Chicago by 7 a.m the next day to be featured on "Breakfast with Oprah," where the influential talk-show host goes on about her favorite treats before millions of viewers, Luckily for them.

After the show aired after the Feb. 1 show, sales of Sprinkles cupcakes, which go for $3.25 a pop, grew 50 percent to 1,500 per day.

"You can't say no to Oprah," Sprinkles co-owner Candace Nelson said about the opportunity.

Sprinkles cupcakes come in many dazzling colours and flavours - coconut, chocolate, lemon, chai latte and mocha, red velvet and vanilla. All topped with a half-inch thick layer of butter-cream frosting, it is also good to know that the flavours change daily.

Sprinkles also cater for special occasions we think their wedding choices are spectacular for for couples looking beyond the traditional wedding cakes and wanting to try something new and more modern. You have 2 choices either stack a tower of cupcakes on tiered stands depending on the the size of the occasion or send individual homes with a sweet token of your wedding bliss


Saturday, 1 March 2008

Kemi's Journal and Zack's Story.

This month we are featuring two books from the same author Abidemi Sanusi.

A little history on Abi Sanusi is we know she was born in Lagos, and was educated in the UK at a boarding schools in Sussex and Oxfordshire, and then at Leeds University. Sanusi is a human rights worker and writer, specializing in gender and conflict issues in West Africa.
A little bit about the books
Kemi's JournalKemi's Journal is the story of a twenty-something high-flying London advertising executive. Kemi has to reconcile her new found Christian faith with a demanding career, trying to get over a non-believing ex-boyfriend Zack and living in the shadow of her best friend Vanessa with her perfect fiancé Mark. Kemi's faith is sometimes very strong and can resist temptations and other times God takes a back seat as the arms of Zack appears more alluring. How does she cope with being a Christian in the cut-throat world of advertising, being intimate with Zack and the joy of a personal relationship with Jesus? This is a bold novel that tackles the moral decisions many young women have to make about crisis of faith, sex before marriage, unplanned pregnancy and abortion with openness, sensitivity and maturity.
Zack's Story
In this much awaited sequel to Kemi's Journal, readers get to hear Zack's side of the story. Welcome to Zack's world – in which he plays a rich confusion of roles. He didn't plan to be a father, but now that baby Yanis is on the scene he's determined to take parenting seriously, perhaps dealing with some of the dark shadows of his past en route. As for being a husband, he’s wanted that for a long time – but the volatile Kemi he loves so much doesn’t make it easy for him. And neither does the office temptress, Maxine! Then there is the part of the up-and-coming big shot corporate lawyer. Zack's determined to be a success, but will he have to learn the hard way about choosing between personal integrity and compromise? He also recently become a born-again believer. Is Zack just trying to please the Bible-hugging Kemi or will he make sense of the whole God thing for himself?

To find out more about the authour and other books from Cassava Republic Press, based on Abuja Nigeria,



'Hot babes' favorite TV show at the moment is


Based on Jeff Lindsay's novels
  1. Darkly Dreaming Dexter
  2. Dearly Devoted Dexter
This crime thriller follows Dexter Morgan. Dexter is a forensic blood spatter expert for the Miami Dade Police Department.
It is on a different scale to the CSI series in case you are wondering, it is something new in fact watching CSI now I wait to see when Dexter is going to make an appearance to do forensic expertise. It feels like they are missing his charter in the programme. they should have a Dexter in every CSI series!
This is one to watch guys